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Settling in to your Rental Home!

Posted on September 1, 2013 by A V in Community, Moving Day

With the right equipment and some determination, moving day can be efficient and stress free.  When you are moving into your new home, be sure to have what you need to help make that transition as seamless as possible.

Have the kids and a pet visiting with neighbors or grandma so nobody gets lost in the shuffle.  It will give everyone time to adjust to their new home without the chaos of people and boxes coming in and out and open doors that can provide an escape hatch for small people or pets.

Clearly label boxes while you are packing.  If you can label what room it will go into in your new rental home include that on the box as well.  When you are bringing your boxes in, take them straight into the room they will end up in.  It will keep you from moving things twice.

Have an extra set of hands or a hand truck for the heavier objects.  Having the right equipment will save you time and strain!

Start early.  We have all been there when we think “this will take an hour or two” and it ends up taking more like 3 or 4 to get things move and trucks unloaded.

These simple steps can help your move in be more efficient and seamless, giving you more time to be settled and enjoy your new home!



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