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Moving Checklist!

Posted on October 17, 2013 by A V in Community, Moving Day

Getting ready to move? There are a few musts that will help you make your move much easier down the road.

1. Sign and return your lease. Create a folder for your new home and slip a copy of your signed lease into your folder. Keep it handy as a reminder of terms or if you need to check back on something.

2. Be sure to make a copy of your deposit check and drop off your check along with your fist month’s rent. These are a must before you get your keys.

3. Schedule your utilities! Make sure you transfer or schedule gas, electric, water and cable/internet so you are all set to go on move in day.

3. When you pick up your keys, make sure you get a duplicate set or make one for yourself. This way if there is ever and issue you have an extra set tucked away.

4. Do a walk through with your property manager or landlord. Take notes if needed.

5. Check all the windows to make sure they are working and be sure to LOCK THEM!

Your new home should be all set to go – now all you have to do is unpack!


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